AJ Failure Club Wiki

Who is

A piece of meat

I am ze steak lord

Ze leader of ze piece of meat club

Who Is

Me- WildWackySushi/Sushistorm (a cheesy slab o’ meat)

I eat meat. Does that make me cannibalistic? -BootsAndCats

Not me- Galaxystar28

idk maybe me- riddlestone

not me either- Haralyy

Well, ya know, you could turn me into a piece of bacon, but I'm smart enough to escape that. -Nerdypiggy

I am a soul inside a sack of meat, does that count? -Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur

cat liek fish. nit meat. pls dont tel me wat kind of meat i am. thx u. -a cat

I'm not that meaty, after all, I'm a heckin' fruit. -KiwiBurst

I'm the meatiest failure -House0fCards

If I am cut into meat, what would I be? Fox meat? Zebra meat? Wolf meat? I CAN’T IDENTIFY MYSELF AS A TYPE OF MEAT RIP -Foxzebra

I'm HUMAN meat. -Angel the Creative