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Wivrouvw was a supervandal on the Animal Jam Wiki. They swore many times, especially when creating spam pages and spam threads. Their main target was 2023zhanl38, who they falsely accused of scamming over and over again, but provided no evidence.

2023zhanl38 was not online for most of the time Wivrouvw was causing trouble.

Wivrouvw started off by vandalizing several pages, telling people to report 2023zhanl38. However, they said it in a very stupid-seeming way.

They then created several spam pages and started leaving replies on other threads. Then they created threads of their own, which garnered the most attention, saying false things and swearing in the same stupid way.

After a while, they were blocked across the entire FANDOM/Wikia network by FANDOM/Wikia staff and the threads were removed by Xytl, a bureaucrat.

  • You can see the first thread he created here (swearing warning). [1]
  • You can see the second thread he created here (swearing warning). [2]
  • The only staff member online while Wivrouvw was active was LightningBluetooth, but she had gotten locked out of her account and had to use an alt, TempLight.
  • He created another thread that didn't attract any replies.
  • Major users involved in the threads besides Wivrouvw and 2023zhanl38 were TempLight (LightningBluetooth), Sugar Plum Cake, Trading24Hours, XxFloofyxx, Expedient, BlockyAdventurer, KoalasruleX3, Emitlee, and Cirnothestrongest9.
  • To this day, it remains unknown who Wivrouvw truly is.