WildWackySushi is just a failure. Proof is because they’re too lazy to write anymore. ⛈ ⛈ 🦊

Wish I had failure friends

0kay,, so I like

raisin bread and I forgot what I was actually gonna type...

Is St. Patrick’s Day the 14th, 18th, or 11th??

Nobody Knows Me

If you think you know me, post your user below and write 1 fact about me (that you didn't steal from my AJW page)

Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur  -You used to think that you’re really nice when you host fashion shows because you sometimes make certain rounds a tie.

BootsAndCats - Your official warrior name is Sushistorm! :3

Faci50 -You’ve actually never tried sushi.

Serifni - You really like the Warriors series.

CatGirl0099 - You are secretly an edgy senior cough cough does this count

2023zhanl38 - You don't eat cats.

Yumms567 - You definitely don’t abuse animals.

Scooterfrozenrabbit - The only reason you have the word ”Sushi” in your user is because you thought it was a cool nickname when you were a kid.

Nerdypiggy - I feel like I kinda stalk you on AJ...

funnytoothpaste- you used to have firestar as your pfp


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