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If you have ever failed on a Wiki, put it here

I fail everyday, however there was this one time back when I was a noob on aj wiki. Once, I made some edit that got reverted by Mooziq.I threw a major tantrum. Not one of my proudest moments-Neptuneok??8

I’ve failed. Also, I can’t really see the typey-thingy....


I once put a thing on the "Greely" page on the AJW in the middle of his bio saying something about him being edgy. Mooziq reverted my edits, and I secretly was very mad that they removed that.


I screwed around with coding and pissed people off in a LPW :P


My first edit on the Animal Jam Wiki was saying "what the f//k" on a thread - 2023zhanl38

My sister HttpFrandz somehow made it on the AJW.


I wrote slat instead of salt.


I said "plz" back in August 2017.

- WildWackySushi

i used to have the worst wikia username ever


one day i made a super lazy edit and it got rejected, I was so mad and sad i was gonna quit the wiki forever but then i realized i am a failure and i have a bad username -cutefluffycatmeow0aj

Riliane. Riliane was a mistake.

-probably Banica

ok so yeah. when i was smaller, in 2016, i edited a page on the peppa fanon wiki now they blocked me for no reason. same with logopedia