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According to 2023zhanl38, July 1st is the worst day of the year and the worst day to ever exist. They will now tell you why they believe that July 1st sucks.

In general:

- It is the start of the worst month of the year.

- I have to listen to foreign people on the internet saying "uuuugghhhhhh America gets all the attention now well guess what we matter too!!!!!! >:(((("

- The words "July first" sound like how you would describe something strangely disturbing.

- It concludes June, which is Alvaro Soler's favorite month of the year.

- Things happen:

1998: WisteriaMoon was born.

1999: Some crazy inexperienced substitute teacher I had back in November was born. She was subbing for my Spanish teacher and when she saw on the Spanish music playlist it had Alvaro Soler songs on it, she was like "nope" and removed them all from the playlist and then she was like "yeah this German dude is trash" and boi she thought a Solerina wasn't watching her, huh?

2000: I won't bore you with the details about this one. Long story short: this was the day someone carved a note into the inside of my locker I would see sixteen years later (when I opened my locker, the note carved on the inside said "july/one/two thousand" followed by some creepily accurate message).

2001: My parents got locked inside their apartment for no particular reason.

2002: My brother (only around a month old) nearly died and now the doctors think that this is the whole reason why he has autism.

2003: Some idiot kid at school who will not be named was born.

2004: Some other idiot kid at school who will not be named was born.

2005: That seems to be the only day of 2005 I remember, and from what I remember about it, there was a cat. and the cat hated me. and it didn't attack me. but it stared at me. and did something. and somehow my parents found out about some secret I never had. and to this day I still haven't forgiven that cat.

2006: There was another cat. and it may or may not have been the same cat. and my parents may or may not have found out some other secret I never had.

2007: Some idiot kid I have to deal with at a certain place was born.

2008: The future perpetrator of the troll account "2028moonp53", named Rachel, was bornNothing happened this year.

2009: Some idiot kid I have to deal with at a certain place, who is the little brother of the idiot kid born in 2007, was born.

2010: I have to take some stupid test. but like I barely knew english. so like I didn't know anything. so I like. failed. and they said I probably had autism just like my brother. and they had to mention that I'm left-handed. goddamn those idiots.

2011: Why wasn't I told that there were bullies in darn Summer Power?

2012: Come on, Mom! I already told you about getting bullied! Why are you making me go back to Summer Hell?

2013: Summer Hell has switched to a new location and that location just so happens to already have the brand-new lefty torture device called scissors, so let's not bring any left-handed ones and if the lefties complain, let's call their parents and allow them to scream at their child for being left-handed!

2014: Summer Hell has switched to yet another location and this time there's even more crap to deal with!

2015: My life is permanently turned upside down and it's all AJHQ's fault. Honestly they should be happy I'm still helping out a website that's only trying to help Jammers find their way.

2016: Boy-falling-out-of-the-tree accident. Also, some internet villain decided it would be funny to make a list of all the reasons why I'm an idiot and post it with "evidence".

2017: I was just about to find that guy who said "We're all under the same sun" and saved my life in August of 2016 and the WiFi had to go out. Man, I was sure I got that "Al" and "ler" part in his name correct!

2018: I get locked out of my FANDOM account and the language on my spare (L2023) has changed to Polish for no reason. also Rachel turns 10 years old which means there is a chance she will return to the internet and mess with more crap and I'm not allowed to "watch" her anymore because our parents decided that once we're ten years old, we should have freedom on the internet. also, let's just say that one time, she managed to hack into our school district's system with a simple chromebook last year and give some random F kid an A. I don't know how she did that but let's hope she doesn't do a similar thing with Wikia.

2019 and beyond: this day hasn't even come yet which means oh gUD i have greatnees releif now I have to worry about more crap. What's going to happen? oH nO wHaT iF aLvArO SoLeR DiEs? nOoOoOoOoO!!! D: