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Who is yohr religion?

My religion is ___________________

-- WildWackySushi

My religion is Cromptonology. I am a follower of my savior Nick Crompton. ~~Neptuneok??8

My religion is senpaism. I worship my senpais. -BootsAndCats

My religon is heater worshipping. --Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur

My religion is Gleamstarstar, Gleamstar, and Starstar, Moonkitti is that best ~ Glorious Pink Cat

My religion is Solerism or whatever you call the Alvaro Soler "religion". - 2023zhanl38

Doitsuism. - Night the cringe

My religion is... myself. Fools, you should have worshipped me! —Demoncat1100

My religion is potatoism. I take it very seriously, and attend the potato shrine every 32nd of the month, as well as every 14th full moon of the year. - CatGirl0099

My religion is ranting about everyone -Serifni

My religion is Jolly Rancher-ism. It's delicious and fits me perfectly. - Yumms567

My religion is Demoncat1100. ALL WORSHIP HYARRRRRRRRRR - Scooterfrozenrabbit

My religion is Pastafarian, ALL HAIL SPOOGETI - Pleaseletmehalp

My religion is cat. we all must worship cats. -misskitty2000

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