AJ Failure Club Wiki
  • Summer school, and how torturous it will be. -Bobthefroggy
  • Sofia by Alvaro Soler (thank u 2023zhanl) -Neptuneok??8
  • Seth decapitating his coworkers—Demoncat1100
  • CatGirl0099 betraying the potatoes and becoming a squirrel. ㅡPetaya the Ring Tailed Lemur
  • The song Hello China aka this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kb27yCIkZgk - Night the cringe
  • My rather odd fantasies about Wikia and the like. –Serifni
  • How Alvaro Soler probably isn't real because nobody can be that handsome –2023zhanl38
  • uHHHHHH my obsession with Heathers and JD -A certain cat in a boot fangirl
  • A meme would be called sassy st*pid.
  • Nemesis hitting Gallerian with a spork on a stick (yes there is a story behind this...) -Demon
  • Blackpink DU DDU DU DDU MV -nerdypiggy
  • "salty salty salty" -uh
  • I honestly don't remember,, or maybe, "Why am I reading this?" :)) - WildWackySushi
  • I need to finish that art contest thing... - Pleaseletmehalp
  • Christian minecraft servers. -Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur
  • A Japanese dub of VeggieTales and how they only recovered this clip from that dub  -Night the cringe
  • Being an idiot sandwich. -peppaorc