AJ Failure Club Wiki

Hey there, what’s your life worth? A necklace? A spike? Or something else? Something outside AJ? Edit what your life is worth on this page!


Bobthefroggy's life is worth a blue short collar. He likes the color blue, and his life is not too boring, or too spicy. Just right!

Petaya’s life is worth a necklace. Petaya is currently going around saying “My life on trade! Worth a necklace, pls be fair!” So far Petaya is unsuccessful in getting a necklace, but Petaya certainly knows what their life is worth.

Serifni's life is worth 1-2 den betas. Her life is simply mediocre.

Wolf's life is worth 12000 robux. It would be more, but it envolves True, Pheonix, Annabelle, my other cousins and annoying girls at school who giggle at me.

Demoncat's life's worth depends on the person. Because she is surperior to her classmates, probably pretty high... but you would have to deal with her friends, Frog, Wolf Mom, Mad Dog and Yandere-Cat attempting to kill each other (well mostly trying to kill Frog but). She is currently trying to sell it off for a long (because how often do you get the chance to break the test grading thing? Seriously, I took a reading level test and got 1500... and 1300 is 12th grade level... owo)

Boots' life worth is about a plushie, because books and fangirling make it feel better about itself.

boring/backs life is worth 1 bad rare spiked wristband

2023zhanl38's life is worth 1 Rare Fox Hat. She has no use except as an undefined Custodian who cleans up trash. You can find those people almost anywhere.

Alvaro Soler's life is worth beyond pixels. More than an infinite amount of BitCoins. More than the universe. More than anything. He is the most valuable thing that has ever existed on the face of earth (or at least...to 2023zhanl38).

Angel's life is worth an nm sword, 99 den betas and a bad spike. Could of been 100 den betas, except she just gave away her arm to Boots.

Night's life is worth...nothing.What...you actually thought it was worth something?Well thanks I guess.If you want me to say something that exists, then it's The Gift Of Nothing(an item that you can actually buy from Amazon for like $6).

Faci50’s life is worth a rare short spike.

Scooterfrozenrabbit's life is worth more than any Animal Jam item (at least according to my best friend Rex6z).

Neptuneok??8's life is worth a masterpiece. A masterpiece, how vague? you may ask. It depends. Some days the masterpiece looks like it is the best Artymis art ever created. Some days, it's literal trash, such as Aparri's infamous scribble art. Most days it is in the middle. Just a large meh.