AJ Failure Club Wiki

The worst, best, or just weirdest nicknames you’ve heard


  • Bird (random as heck)
  • Nix (My sisters)
  • Hunty (Said my annoying girly girls who have pink stuff ugh)
  • Neeny (Athenacool11’s cat)
  • Bean (CatGirl0099’s cat)
  • King Eron (even though she is female, and he name is Erin)
  • Zoo (Girl at my school, real name is Zoe)
  • Daza (Immature girl at my school whos real name is Daria)
  • Chlo-po-the-hippo (...)
  • Cats go moo (Idk where you get that from Catalina but OKAY)
  • Pickle
  • Potato Queen
  • Paytato
  • Samoa Sandwich (I don’t even know why)

Wikia/other sites[]

  • Dreamynutdesu
  • Surfing-alien-Elsa
  • walfwalf30381
  • Van Van the van
  • Choppy Meow (???)
  • Sooroofnee (What the hell?)
  • Peppaporc (peppa pig but romanian)

Animal Jam[]

  • Old Grandpaw (what do you think it's supposed to mean?)
  • Count Thetoes (Count the toes)