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Write down all the weird dreams you've ever had here!

Once I had a dream where I was at some random high school and I had a donut (I think) and this random dude just went up to me and fReAkInG sToLe iT. I flipped him off because of that. I woke up and I was still pissed at him.

- Night the cringe

i had a dream that i was eating jellybeans, then when i woke up (in my dream ofc), they.were.GONE.

your least favorite kpop fan

In first grade, I had a dream i was in a purple, red, yellow, and blue factory with my at the time first grade friends. We were washing dishes and crocs (yes, I don't know either) in a four person sink in the middle of the factory. Suddenly, a tiny Ronald McDonald came up to me and asked me if I was his mommy. I was weirded out and said "no." A couple hours later, my friends and I are in our room, asleep on our respective beds when he opens the door and asks if I am his mommy again.


Oh, god. Back in elementary school, I had a dream about an apocalypse in which everyone in the school except for me and the special needs kids was a zombie. We hid in the cafeteria until this French version of a guy named Carter (who was in my fifth grade class) came and told us to shoot the zombies with mustard and ketchup guns. Then the BFG (I could only see his feet, since I was underneath a table) and my little sister appeared. Then we went outside and shot the zombies. Then I stumbled around the school and somehow found my grandpa, attacking me. I tried to shoot him, but I failed. That was when I woke up.

- "I wuz on my period" excuses

I was going horseback riding, and THEN a unicorn came to me. I ditched the horse and went for the unicorn. Then it kicked me and the thomas the tank engine theme song played really loud as thomas the train ran by me. Then I went home and found my friends. They all said surprise! And a bunch of cake appeared I was excited and checked it to see if it was gluten free. It wasnt and I cried my eyes out and binge watched netflix while crying then I woke up ( in my dream i woke up) and cried and cried again. Then i went into the woods behind my house and found the harry potter spiders and ran away. Then i went and flew myself. Right into the sun. -27jjh

I was a character from a book who was the opposite gender from me (yes I am still making loopholes about my gender >:-)))) you’ll never know) and so I basically looked like myself except all my friends were that character’s friends and they talked to me like I was the character from the book and I myself felt like I was the character from the book. And then one of the friends said “you don’t want them to find out your secret... that you’re transgender” (I’m sorry if that line offended any transgender people I don’t control my dreams and that happened) So because in this dream I’m supposedly of the opposite gender my subconciousness thinks I’m transgender. Very interesting. -Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur

gallerian was the new math teacher and everyone else skipped school -Demoncat1100

I was in a country called "Czeeeeeeeeech" (probably because I looked up "Czech Republic" before I went to sleep? idk) with Alvaro, Sofia, and two internet friends from Instagram, Kamila and Terka (but Terka kept on changing appearances...? probably because she's never done a face reveal that I know of?). In that world, everyone carried around a bottle of contact lens solution in their dominant hand. Since I was left-handed, I held it in my left hand, but everyone else was right-handed, so they held theirs in their right hand. So Alvaro, Sofia, Kamila, Terka, and I were walking through the first Walmart in "Czeeeeeeeeech" in silence because that day was the grand opening. Suddenly, some random song came on (I don't remember what it was but I don't think I'd heard it before?) and Alvaro screamed "ME GUSTA TODO" at the top of his lungs. Then he threw his bottle of contact lens solution at some random dude and started running to the other end of the hall and started doing a bunch of cartwheels and backflips and back handsprings and other crap and all the time he was doing that, he was going all "LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALA". Then Sofia screamed "I DON'T F//KIN' CARE SOBRE MI VIDA NO MORE", threw her bottle of contact lens solution at the same random dude, started running, and did the same random things that Alvaro did. Kamila screamed "JSEM POOOOOOOOOOOOOO" and repeated what Alvaro and Sofia just did. Then Terka screamed something in a foreign language (probably Czech?) and did the same thing yet again. Then a bunch of other Solerinas who I know from Instagram did the same thing. I knew I was supposed to follow them but I couldn't bring myself to. Then WisteriaMoon walked up to me. She was also holding her bottle of contact lens solution in her left hand. She said something along the lines of "That's a right thing only. Too bad for the lefts. LOL." Then she opened her bottle of contact lens solution and took a damn drink out of it. The only thing I remember after that was that I screamed and ran out of "Czeeeeeeeeech's" Walmart with a huge stampede of turtles chasing after me. A lot more happened but this is all I remember. The question is: why in the actual f//k did I get this dream in the first place? - 2023zhanl38

Pt 1 Pleaseletmehalp- Note: Sorry I had to put it into different paragraphs, it's very long and I hate reading a HUGE block of text without any paragraphs separating the events.- I had a dream where I was at my old school for something that was about making both of our schools closer, I was in the kindergarten pen, and the pen was as big as a field with a bunch of random playground structures everywhere, connecting and ending at weird points.

Pt 2 Pleaseletmehalp- I was sitting on a small platform around 75 cm off the ground with my legs dangling off. I was with my friends eating at snack until they left to look for the next activity, I was eating something and then my eyes were covered up by somebody of the opposite gender with a coolio watch's hands. They asked. "Would you marry me if you could?" And for some reason I said, "Why not." Then they ran off with my lunch bag. Before I chased after them they hit their watch and the edge of my vision turned blue like the background of this site, everybody froze and they, from what I think froze time and they ran ahead before everything turned back to normal, I yelled at them to give back my lunch box, they stayed at ground level while I took a playground structure route to try to get some upper ground and if I lost them I could find them easier, until I was blocked by some random 6 year old or something and my sister, I tried pushing them out of the way but it was a dead end. I tried looking for them until I saw them walking without my lunchbox and my lunchbox being on a platform close to where I was, and right on cue, the bell rang, also I never got back my lunchbox back??.

Pt 3 Pleaseletmehalp- I went inside and looked around for my next class, and apparently we had a slip of paper or something at the beginning and I lost mine, I went into a random class which was a mixture of an art class and a normal class. I went to the art class and a bunch of things happened but most of them are boring that I forgot what happened, first, I learnt that it wasn't my class because they never called me in roll call, second, my sister and my friend was in that class. 

Pt 4 (End) Pleaseletmehalp- After the art class thing I went outside to see the person that hid my lunch box, I ran up to them and yelled about my lunch box and their watch. Then I woke up.

PT 1 One time I had a dream where I was just at home watching TV then I had a sudden knowledge of the monsters from Jumanji where after me and then I heard footsteps and said," I have to go to my sisters dream!" So then I did. She was in a mansion in the kitchen and looked like she was in the middle of a song and then I said," ( insert my sister's name here )! " - Potato

I was trying to make dinner but the rice cooker was haunted and started yelling in some weird rice cooker language and I just gave up and cooked something else instead. And then I accidentally signed into Discord as Keel so that was confusing. There was also a very large banana slug and I almost fell out of a tree. -Demon

Diego from Ice Age was captured and put in a museum in London. They were using the DNA from his fur to help them make Jelly Bean Guns which paralyse you if they hit. I was wanting to save Diego, as they were going to kill him within the next day and stuff him. I got out a phone and asked Benson from Regular Show for help, and he accepted. 10 or so minutes later, he came in driving a Ferrari. We got there, blasted 'Crazy Frog - Axel F' and threw Nyan Cats at the guards. The guards were defeated, and we saved Diego, the end.  Oh and also, I had another dream where I hugged Eraserhead from My Hero Academia and ran around him shouting "AIZAWA :D!"~AirCommander Falco

so...this was a bit of a terrible dream. trust me. if you had an idol, this dream is probably one of the last ones you ever want to have. earliest thing I remember was that álvaro said he was "moving" and not "returning" to minnesota, which is weird since he's never been here before. next thing I remember, I somehow found out that he feels insecure or self-conscious a lot. didn't give it all that much thought. then I went to a movie theater. two girls sat next to me and we all talked about random stuff and laughed a ton. then one of them must have mentioned something or whatever and suddenly I felt like crying? I don't remember a thing of what they said but it had to do with insecurities or whatever and álvaro supposedly feeling insecure popped back into my mind. next, in the dream, I had to get him to "know" and believe that I love him just the way he is. so (laugh all you want I know this sounds really stupid) I scribbled some sentences onto a rock, "six reasons" why he shouldn't hate himself, all while basically crying and hearing "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars. (yes I was crying a ton.) then a drone (?) picked it up and dropped it off at álvaro's home in barcelona. he read the stuff on the stone and started crying too. not really sure if that was because he was happy or didn't believe the stuff I wrote but then the dream ended. literally all day today I felt this strange pain in my chest that wouldn't go away and this weird gut feeling that parts of that dream - he actually feels insecure and doesn't believe us when we compliment him - are real. literally every "real" dream I have about álvaro is related to real events or events that will happen. if this isn't any different, well álvaro, just know that you're amazing just the way you are. 💔 - 2023zhanl38

I had a dream where Steve Irwin wrote a weird BL story - Night the cringe

I had a dream where there were murderous blobs floating around. There were pink ones, green ones, yellow ones, and orange ones. I got a text from one on my phone (what the actual heck, I don't even have a phone) that said "HUFCHXGIUDXHXUIGERDHGUHDFCUJBGNJCKNHXJDKNGKJ!!!!!!!" or something like that. Then a few friends from various wikis and Animal Jam appeared. One of the blobs quickly poisoned my mom's strawberry icecream (another weird thing; my mom hates strawberry icecream), Pokémon-style, and she turned into a rubber bouncing ball after eating it. Me and my friends and everybody got poisoned and turned into random objects. Then, a random anime girl came and turned everyone into rubber chickens "with the power of oola-joola-jiggly-bobadee-doof" (I am not sure if that is how you spell that, but that is how she pronounced it) before vanishing. A random Croc 2 disc appeared on the floor and the blobs crushed it with their feet (which they had never owned before this point and quickly discarded afterwards). Me and my best friend on AJ turned into rage-chickens and ate the blobs before everybody turned back and vanished into more blobs. - DiopsideDove

Ok i had this one dream where we went at a store but while going to it my mom was showing a pciture of a woman and a tiktok from her (i call her regina the condo player). Then while looking around there was a thing like some pc mouse looking things stuck to a table. My mom and the cashier (she was regina) went and tried to get that away. ui was going to a bathroom that looks like my literal bathroom. i had my moms galaxy a6 too. there was a fire. i went on whatsapp and wrote:

"MY MOM DIED 😭😭😭😭😭"

someone else just wrote "g" maybe a friend. name unknown.

finally i wrote "IM CALLING THE MICE" i wonder why mice are the police.

thats all. -peppaporc