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A game where you can enslave little creatures called "Webkinz" and force them to be your pets both in real life in plushie form, and in the virtual, digital hell called Webkinz World. Your peasants, also referred to as pets, can go to the Kinzville Academy to learn useless garbage skills to use in the Webkinz Stadium, a ripoff of the Olympics except with furries and more cheaters. Your unemployed pet can also get a low paying job, but if your little ugly piece of crap doesn't have a deluxe or full player membership, your pet will be stuck with painting fences for a living.

Of course, you can go to the arcade and try to get a trophy, fail miserably, and bawl in your room for 5-10 hours depending on if you took an Advil pill before you played the game.

Now, you should probably decorate your home and dress your pet, because clothing can help conceal the ugly free pet you got. Want a pet that looks half-decent? Get out your credit card and go to the Ganz Estore then. Anyways, you can head off to the Wshop to buy furniture where you find out your only real choices in the end are normal drab looking beds. Of course, your credit card can help you with that. You can also head off to the Kinzstyle outlet, where an ugly dog-girl mutant will start talking and you'll want her to shut up.

Are you done with all of that? Now you can start having the fun of your life while your credit card loses its breath. Wanna go to the Adventure Park? Open that wallet and start entering the number on your credit card then! You'll have to do that if you want to buy rare items, go on adventures, go to trade rooms, buy actual nice items, play arcade games that are actually fun, but other than that, the game has lots of free content! And by lots, it actually means little to none.