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What is happening?[]

Why might we support the removal of these pages?[]

Since all of the listed pages contain images and are about celebrities/songs that are not known worldwide, they show up on search engines (through "Images") and attract unwanted visitors. These visitors don't understand that our wiki is not meant to be taken seriously and is not meant to be used as a source; similarly, they do not understand that this is not Wikipedia and facts do not need to be 100% confirmed and cited to be on a page. There is also the potential that Alvaro/Sofia themselves may find these pages, which is not wanted.

Why might we oppose the removal of these pages?[]

Many users here know Alvaro and Sofia and their music; for some of us, they're big parts of our life and having pages about them is simply fun and nice to have around. If we didn't want these to show up on search engines, we could remove anything that would attract unwanted visitors or Alvaro/Sofia themselves instead of just removing the pages and their links.


Will the pages Rant About Alvaro Soler and Sofia Ellar, (Rant) A Real Solerina, and $3,000 be removed? No, as long as they do not contain images or are not attracting unwanted visitors. They are considered "indirectly" related to Alvaro/Sofia. If this vote passes, users will still be permitted to create similar pages.

Will pages of other celebrities/songs also be removed? Pages such as Justin Bieber and Gucci Gang will not be removed because, although they contain images, they are very well known (unlike Alvaro/Sofia) and are unlikely to show up as top results on a search engine, even in "Images".

Can't we just remove images or ban unwanted users? It isn’t known if this will work. If you would like to suggest this, please include this in your vote.

Will everything related to the two be removed? No; only the listed pages and any links to them will. You will still be able to freely talk about the two.

I want something to be changed. How can I create a vote? If you are an administrator, create a vote at your own will. If you are not an admin, please contact one before creating a vote.

If you have questions, please comment them or contact the creator of this vote, 2023zhanl38.


Voting requirements:

  • has been on the wiki for at least two weeks
  • has been active (an edit that shows activity) in the last week
  • has not been blocked in the last month

When voting, make sure to include your reasons under the correct section as well as a template: Support.png-(support) , Neutral.png-(neutral) , or Oppose.png-(oppose) . Also remember to include your name at the end.

An example vote would be: " Neutral.png-(neutral) I'm not sure if I want to support or oppose this because changing this would get rid of trolls, but it may keep away a lot of new users who mean no harm to us. —<insert name here>"

The voting will end on April 10, 2019, unless users are still actively casting their votes.

NOTE: When voting "support", this means you WANT the pages to be removed. When voting "oppose", this means you DO NOT WANT the pages to be removed.


Support.png-(support) I can see where your coming from, it's probably a good idea to remove them, you would flip if Alvaro found his page though XD —AJfan1

Support.png-(support) I don't see why we shouldn't remove the pages. -Webkinzjammer866 AJ


Neutral.png-(neutral) I honestly don't know. please please please cast your vote if you meet the requirements because something needs to be done. —2023zhanl38