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Well lookie here, Petaya got 1,666 edits. Beautiful.


"I love cheese!" --A FANDOM user

"Who is this FANDOM user" --Galaxystar28

" WhErE sI dA ChEsee?????" -- unknown user

"Who is this unknown user?" -- Neptuneok??8

Why can't people just make an account? -- Nerdypiggy

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had to do it- garlic bread

“Maybe............................................... everybody check history” -- Mystery Squirrel

bAhAhahA10’ue6eynndndnsCLOWNYIEE —+=— WildWackySushi

Go home, Sushi. You’re drunk. --Seth

(( to Neptuneok??8 )) wH0 aRe Y0U???? -- unknown user

" - Sips Leninade - This page is very nice." -- Night the cringe