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official website of Spinnyboiz: Https://

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             Hello fellow people. Today I want to talk about spinnybois. Before you ask, a Spinnyboi is a AJ meme created by julian2 AJ. They are koalas with a blue head flower and a dark green lei. I am a Spinnyboi myself and I like it. Now onto the topic.

So recently I did a Spinnyboi invasion. I got people from julian2's den to go to a party. We all dressed as spinnybois and jumped and did a load of things. Once the party ended, we all had cake at my den which is surprisingly a volcano. I also did a lot on the Spinnyboiz AJ website which you can see above. I have my own species of boi called a Løøp boi. It is very mysterious about them like the literal AJ lord to me, greely.

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