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"Hey hell girl, I pay the price... right?"

~Calico trying to win Sylvia over.

"I'm just a nightmare disguised as a daydream, espically at night... due to my fear of dark of course."

~Calico referrencing Kizo.


Calico & Kizo

Calico & Sylvia

"She's in hospital, ill. I've not heard from her for 2 days... she could be dead for all I know."

~Calico, starting to loose his sanity by worrying about Sylvia. 

Calico & Joseph

"I would greatly advise that you don't try to piss me off, as I'm not the nicest guy around."

~Calico furious Sylivia loves Joseph instead of him.

Calico & Esnope

Despite Esnope being Kizo's best 'dude', Calico and Esnope don't really talk, but they don't hold any grudges.


Calico currently has no known powers.


Pronounced 'Es-nope'.

"I... have power, yes. I'm just not too sure how to harness it completely. This is the reason why I came to this school. I travelled all the way from Europe to have the best of the best train me."

~Esnope explaining his power in the introductory program.


Esnope is a kind, unconfident anthro-wolf who just wants world peace to happen. He was brought up in a family with manners, so he is extremely kind to his friends. 


Esnope & Kizo


Esnope & Sarah

"She loves me... like really really loves me... but I feel nothing for her Kizo... yet I don't have the heart to tell her. What do I do?"

~Esnope explaining to Kizo how he doesn't love Sarah.

Sarah has a huge crush on Esnope, and even attempted to become his girlfriend at the party, but Esnope feels nothing with her. He feels trapped, more than anything. However, he doesn't have the heart to tell her that he doesn't like her.


Pronounced 'Kai-zo'.


Kizo & Skye

"You really think I'm going to let the rules get in the middle of our relationship? 


Pronounced 'Low-beh'

"Heh. I am adopted, yes. How'd you guess? I really look all that different to my dear brother? Pff, if either of us died, the other wouldn't die."

~Lobe's explanation to Class G-16 on the first day. 


(Unnamed) came over from America to rescue children in Russia, and found 5 year-old Lobe wondering the streets alone. She brought him back over to America, and adopted him at her own. 


Lobe & Edward

"You sure you can just 'poof' you way outta' this one Russian?"

~Edward teasing Lobe.