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I have a bunch of fan-made series, I hope you guys don't mind if I use my blogs on here to show them. Meh.


It's rated a PG-15 for violence, language, gore and horror.


For more information on the characters, please see here.

Students (Human)



A male student with a can-do attitude, but transforms into Kizo at night. He has a massive crush on Sylvia.



(Pronounced 'Toy-ya').

A female student who is more of a tomboy. She has blue and black hair and loves mixing music on her DJ turntables.


Students (Anthro)


(Pronounced 'Kai-zo').

A male anthro bird who seems to have no personality. Transforms into Calico when the sun's up.


(Pronounced 'Es-nope').

A male anthro wolf.


(Pronounced 'Mah-key')

A male anthro lizard who's sadistic. 

(Unnamed Male Anthro Dog)

A male anthro dog student. He has created many inventions, but only one of them works, which is the 'Ultimate Feather Duster', which cleans and shoots things at the same time. 

Teachers (Anthro)

(Unnamed Male Anthro Cat #2)

A male anthro cat teacher who teaches the class English, but always ends up getting off-topic about love or power. He's a fun-loving guy who barely ever tells his students off, but gets scolded by the other teachers for this. 



There are 5 different types of this enemy. 

  • Grunt

The weakest Fhakima of them all. However, many are injured when fighting Grunts. People with more than the basic powers are able to take one down, but it's a struggle. 

  • Amateur

The second weakest of all the Fhakima, which are very difficult to defeat. In Season 1, Episode (something), (Unnamed episode), Kizo got into a fight with an Amateur, which resulted in him being in a bad way, and needing surgery on his jaw (which he never got). Only the most talented can take one down.

  • Member
  • Professional
  • Nightcore


Season 1

Episode 3, Jekyll and Hyde