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hi enjoy the poodle. heres my list of random badges inspired


i hate my old self

prrof coming soon

here my old accs:


thats all see ya

im a thing btw

also yea i got new pages... (i have to rename them ;-;)

Caramelxmacchiato's Fellow Nyan Cat

Nyan cat.gif

Congrats! You're CaramelxMacchiato's fellow nyan cat! To get this badge, just type in {{CMNC}}.

Warning. This article contains a large amount of cringe. Proceed at your own risk, and keep in mind, you may need a cup of Clorox. Don't worry, we have lots available. Just ask a staff member. If we're not stocked up on Clorox for some reason, raid your local grocery store.

<insert name here> you must survive my trash collection

SusieeOfficialzz trash collection
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