AJ Failure Club Wiki

I honestly don't think that I'm much of a failure.


I don't know. People might enjoy looking at a slideshow of memes and reading really stupid quotes from yours truly. :)

Goodness, emoticons look freaky in this font.

My cat thinks Percy Jackson is a juicy fish. Strickler is a cucumber, so she's scared of him. She sees Tokoyami as lunch (bad kitty), I trapped Harry Potter in a can of cream soda, there's a dead purple rabbit in the bathtub, my platypus is a pirate, Red's fur is grey (not red), I am silently correcting your grammar, laptops have nothing to do with faulty lawnmowers, speaking of which I ran over my foot, Thor is better than Loki (fite me), OrniTHORhyncus anatinus, kamonohashi, platypous, ornithorynque, vogelbekdier, platypus, pillows are chewy and so is bark, and somehow all of this is relevant to my left sock. And Natsu is hot. Yes. Ha. Ha h a ha.

That being said, sayonara. l:)