AJ Failure Club Wiki

ohaider i'm angel the creative 

i'm kinda dumb and annoying 

i don't always... be what i should so i'm sincerely sorry about that  

but i have some good traits 

i can count letters in words super fast 

i'm a fast typer 

i'm a decent writer (i think) 

i'm somewhat optimistic (usually) 

i'm creative (i also think) 

hey, here's the last bit of my old profile page, back when i was an immature little brat: 

"Anyway, I hope to become an admin on this wiki, but I'm willing to work for it, unlike a certain bratty eleven year old I know. (Hint: She likes Cheetos.) 

But I'm still keeping this crappy paragraph thingy here, so I can look back on it when I'm 13478999999974324688999098 and feel so old. You know, if I live that long.

Now before you think I'm super dark...

PINK FLUFFY UNICORNS BOUNCING ON RAINBOWS!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡


yeah, as you can see, i was an extremely weird human

i thought that just saying random stuff was funny

but man, i was really, really happy.

those were the good days.

but maybe the "good days" are starting up again.

okay, i sound like a greeting card now.

okay, bye!