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For adding all your favorite typo fails.


What you meant What you typed What you typed (again) What you typed (once again)
Named Na.ed Naned
Animal Jam Animal Ham
Kinky Kiney
Wiki Wuju Woki Woko
Quiz Wuiz
Animal Ani.al Anal
Indeed Indeex Indeff Inderd
Buy Gbuty         
Gbuty Bgbut
Jesus Jesyu JeiwS (jews?)
Meant Meants
One O Oen [em
Full F/kk Fu;; Fukk
Fish B****(never use Siri to text) Fihs Fsh
White Shite
How Hoe 
Kebabs Jababs
Pool Poop
Soler Solar Sloer
Lmao Lnao
Notice Notuce Nitoc Ntoticw
Mushroom Manshroom Msushrom
Like Lick Liek Leik
Math Meth Mth Mhat
Sure Sue Sjur
Page Pgae Paeg
Typo Tyepo Tpo
At spelling As pelling
Warr (yes, with 2 r’s) WRR
Condensation CONDENsation Consenpaton CoNDEnstpob
2 w 3
Petals Preals
Was Waa
Hooves Hoioio
Blacksmith’s BlCKSMITH/S
Vines Bines Vinws
Dustpelt Ustoelr
Sometime Aometime
Can Can’t (I know, how ironic) Cna Cam
Bread Bewad Bred
Bewad Beeas
14th 14w
Memes Memse Mems Means
Picture Licture *gosh*
Licture (autocorrected to) Picture
White Shite
Cougars Cougar’s Cougras
Ey Eh ye
Pff Off
Yeet Feet Eye Yee
Probably Pobably
Goat Hoat
Ice Aice
Gear Hear
Don’t Don’5
Ello Ella (autocorrected it)
As ASMR (autocorrected)
Failure Dailure
Darth Vader Earth Vader Earth badddddd
Isn’t Sin’t Sitn'
Isn’t ISn’t
ISn’t Isn’t
Massachusetts Massachush/tts
Eyeball Yeeball Eeyblal
Purple Pirple
Pirple Pirprle
Thing Thibg Thong
Worms Worns
Shushistorm Shusistlrma
Pillow Polloe Piillow
Angel Angle
Form Com (auto-correct)
Leaves Oeaves
0kay 0aky 0kY
lmao lnao
Fox Fox’s (auto-corrected) FOx
Event Even
Okay Okipay
Corrected Orrected
Cheeze Cheese (auto-corrected)
Actions Acrions
Formerly Foremerly
Heyy HEYy
Note not
Purely Prely
La Cintura A Counter Ka Cintura
Oooops Oooos
Entries Entrues
Only Pnly
Fairly Fairlly Caurky
One yet Oneyet
Journal jprnal
Mystery Mustery
I’m Ikm I,m In
Poor Pour
smol Smoke (auto-corrected))
indeed indead
Jamaa Derby Jamaa Derpy
Disc Dics (yes, I got suspended for a day) Docs
Good art Goo dart
Percussion group that Perscussion gropu thayt Persuccion gropu that
Though Thoughts Thioughts
It’s IT’d
Both Goth botyh
Birthday Bitsy Birthdday
Laters amateurs LAters
Questions Edition swag
water Ayer
Awsum Assuming
Dammit Dam time Dam mate
Smurfs asmurhers SMurfs
Application Lication
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honestly how could I misspell Senpai's last name wrong I am such a disgrace rip - 2023zhanl38

I spelled "shite" while roleplaying on AJ... thank god it autocorrected to "white" -BootsAndCats