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Hello, this is the first typing class lesson. Today, we will be covering common mistakes.

Mistake #1 – Misusing the first box in threads. []

Come on, we've all seen this happen!  Here are some examples of this common mistake.

To not misuse the first box, simply create a short title, and post the rest of your content in the second box.

Mistake #2 – Extending random words.[]

We're sick of seeing "HEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYY" and "BOOXXXXXXXXXX". Spell words correctly. Speaking of spelling..

Mistake #3 – Not knowing how to spell.[]

Solution: Spellcheck.

Mistake #4 – Obnoxious slang.[]

I'm not saying you can't use slang, but when in excess, it gets annoying. Solution: English.

And the final mistake..:

Mistake #5 – TYPING IN ALL CAPS.[]

Solution: Turn off Caps Lock. Trust me, you look more sensible and mature without you screaming all the time.

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