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Written by Serifni


Chapter 1

Hi! I'm Mary Sue Luna Shadow Edgeflame Feather Crystal Greely and I'm the daughter of Greely and Mira because Zios doesn't exist anymore and Greely used his edginess to make Mira fall in love with some edgy furry wolf! I have dark blue fur (Im half wolf :3) and dark fading blue wings (since im half goddess)! I also have color changing eyes, and a halo since I'm half angel. Oh and ummm hell inside of me since I'm half devil since greely. So anyways since its almost mai turn to be the Wolf alpha, I was getting ready for um, my alpha promotion thingie since I'M GONNA B AN ALPHA YAYYAYAYYA!!!!!! >.< So anyways, I stared at my wings in a mirror. Why can't I just be normal? People say im so pretty and goddess like but Im stupid as hell so I dont believe them. So anyways, a hot guy named um Edge (he is also a wolf) said "Omg Mary Sue u r so hot!!!". and then I wiz liek "omg thx!! but im not thatpreerty :(". SO after I finished I walked and umm yes. So I became the wOLF ALPHA!!!!! Mira said "To our new Wolf alpha Mary Sue! Your special." then every1 clapped for me since I'M SPECIAL lmao. so then after that we had a CELEBRATIONNN!!!! I was wearing a black spiked collar, a black worn, an hd and elf bracelets since Im a thot. Edge was my childhood friend and he was like "Omg! Your special!". I replied with "Im not that special. Sure im half angel, demon, wolf and goddess, and im a wolf alpha, and I have wings but that doesn't mean im special!!". Edge said that I was special. So we danced, but then pHANTOMS ATTACKED!1! DUN DUN DUN!!11!111

A/N: Should I involve Mary Sue in a prophecy since she's a Mary Sue?

Chapter 2

so Anyways the PhANTIoMS ATTACKED!!1111 "OH NO!!!" shouted everyone. I flew into teh air with mai angle wings and defeated the phantoms one by one with my fireball magic. a phantom shot some phantom stuff at me but id dodged it with my POWAHHZ baby. Inf act here is an amazing drawing of my fight scene

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 6.34.25 PM.png

okie so after I KILLED teh phantoms with my POWAHzz, everyone congratulated me. "Mary Sue UR OUR SAVIER!!!!" everyone screamed. "Thx" I replied. then unexpectedly, EDGE KISSD ME!!!!!!! "GASP" gasped everyone. I felt so hawt and sexy. So anyways then greely said "Mary Sue ur part of a prophecy. It says that luna will conqur the darkness. The cringey fanfiction gods told me." Greelys aid. "OMGOSH IDK WHAT THAT MEANS BUT OMG OMG IM PART FO A PROPHCYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYy!!!!" I creamed. Ever1one stared at meh with awe. "Oops didnt mean tha--" I started to say before edge kossed me. Then this really other hto guy Falme screamed "OMG IM IN LUV WITH U MAYR SUE AND LOVE TRIANGLES CONQUR LAL!!!" he said. "WTF?" some normal sane guy yelled.

Chapter 3

"I DONT KNOW WHO T O CHEOOESE!! ! UR BOTH SO HAWT!!!" I creamed. I didnt know who to choose!! IEdge my childhood frand or Falme teh hawt guy?????? Knowing who Id choose I started to say "I chooz U--" before I got cut off bY PHANTOSMS ATACKING AGAAAAAIIIINNNNN!!! THIS TIEM WITH TEH FANTOM KING!!!! "OH NO!!!" yelled everyone. "SAVE US Mary Sue!!!" scremed mira. So anyway I flew in teh air and shot teh phantom with meh pOWAHSHSHH!!!!! 'pew" I said. SO I killed eh mpahntoms one bad one until onlyteh phantom king wuz aliev. "I give up" said teh phantom k1ng. "bUT I willl B BACCKKKK!!!!! BAHAHAAHAHAHHAHA1!!!!!" TEH PHANTOM KING YELD. "what does bahahahahahaha mean?" I asked Flaem. "idk im not an egg" he repleid. "OK SO THE PROFCY SENT BY TEH GAWDZ TOLD M THAT U EDGE N FLAEM MUST DEFEET THE PHANTOMZ." mIra said. "WE MUST GO FIEND TEH PHANTOM FORTESS (dwarf). "Ok" I said. So me edge and flame went exploring ouytside of jamaa to fiend teh phantom fortess.

DUN DUN DUnNN!NN!N!N!!!!11111

Chapter 4

A/N: Holy heck... haven't edited in a while. Damn.

"UGH I CANT IND THE FORTESS!!" exclained edge. "IDK WHERE IT IZ!!!!" replied flaem. "I give up!!!! :(" i said sadly. just b4 i gave up i stepped on a levr. the fantom fortess appeared in site!!!!!!!!!! "OMG!!!!" we all screamed. We ran into teh fortss. So we hid from fantoms n suchhhhhhhhh!! Untillllllll.......... I SAW TEH FAYNOM KING!!!!! "u will die" he sad. "NO I WNOT!!!!" i said. then teh fantom king took egge and fallem. NOOOO!! i yelled. I shot my powrz at teh king and he shot back his por.s. A billion fantoms then surrounded em. "OMG!!!!!" I yelled. The fnoym king tasered me. I ws in shock. I felt lik ei wuz gonna die!!!! then i used meh secret weapon: MY TIDY!!!! i took out my big tidy and yelled "I WILL USE TEH POWR OF THE TIDY T O DESTROY U!!!!" then all teh fatoms fell 2 the grand bc of all the hotness from my tidy. But the fantom king hats tidys so he didnt die. "I hat tidys." He said. I feet hopeless bc my tidy didnt kill him. Then i remember. I had a rlly rlly RLLY big lips and the fantom king rlly likes lips 4 somer son (he has a lip fetish) soooooooo ya i took out my lips and he died. so the i head towards the fortess to go find edge and flame

Chapter 5

so i went into the fortess when teh weirdst thing happnd. So i saw APARRI and gueesssss what??? He was pissing away his reputation and he was seppllling items to teh fantoms!!!! so i was all like "OH MY GOD STOP SEPLLING UR GODDAMN SPIKS!!!!!" and aparris justa ll like "no what the hell". so i was mad so i killed aprri with my tidy. so anyways i movd on to get to where edge and flam were lockd up!!!!!! I walkd and the fantoms attackd. I usd my flaming powers to kll them. I dint bother with meh tidy . So i wasr din a hoverboard up teh stairs and fle w a banana to the cell. I carfully picks the lockin the cell where edge and falm were locked up in. "OMG MARY!!!!!! WE MISSD U!!!! THE FANTOMS R TORTURING US AND MASS KILLING ANIMSL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YA AND GUESS WHAT THY WORDK ME TO DETH TOO LUCKILY I SURVIVD BUT THE ONLY THING THEY FED ME WAS A MODLY SLICE OF A GUY NAMED "ZEPHIM"'S POPCORN!!!!!!!!!!!" yelld edge franticly. "YA AND THEY FORCD US TO WATCH APPRRI AND GET HIGH ON SPIKED COLLARS!!!" yelld flam. "Oh no" i said. I let them escap. I carfully led them down to get out but then the OTHER HECKING FANTOM KING SAW US!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I scrmed and franticly shot fire balls at him w hile edge and flame kind of sat there and watchd som thotmoo. so i continued to shoot fireballs before a whit artic wolf cam in and said "BEGONE THOT" to me.

o b continued!!!!! no flams.

Chapter 6

"who r u." i sad to eh white rtcic wolf. "I'm Serifni. Since I happen to be writing this very story in bed at 12 AM, I might as well just end this crap already. I'm so damn tired." they sad. "OMG!!! U SO ROOD!!! GIVE ME A HAPPY ENDING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i yeld. "Ya. I wanna kiss mary alredgy!!!!!!" said flam. "Sorry dude, no can do." said myself or Serifni or idk!!!!!! so anyways me edge and flam all fell ina rlly deep hoel bc that serifni ddude killd me!!!! i felt pane all aorund my body. i grabd A troch to look at myslef. Good. Wings intatc. So r my halos and stuff. Then i lookd at my tidy. OMG!!! MY TIDY WERE GONE!!!!! I scremd relly loudly. "OMG WHATSWRO--" sad edge halfway b4 looking at teh fact that meh big tidy were gone. "Ew ur tidy is gon.I dont liek u anymore :T" said edge. I was sooooooo anrgy at serifn i and edge!!! Im still hawt without my tidy whats wrong with edge? "Flam u still liek m rite????" I askd profusely. "Um no ur tidy r the reason y i lliek u!" said Flam. I ws so angry so i did th imposible. I grabbd the remaining torchs and BURNED DOWN EDGE AND FLAM!! "NOOOOO!!!! I STILL LIEK U!!!" edge and flam scermd in unison. "Too bad beaches!!" Sorry guys i cant sware here because RULES angry noises but ya. they burned in hell ecks deeeeeeeeeee


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