• h-hey so um.... uh.. idk how to admit this but uhh............ i have a c-cr-crus-sh on you..... like not in a ÒwÓ way or a romantic way but like....... a murderous way.... ever since i first had direct contact with you my heart was just bent on something about you... only recently, over a year later, i've discovered what it was. 

    The nervous man walked into the bedroom, noticing the unusual amount of tissue boxes scattered throughout the room. His male lover was lounging in the velvet mattress, with a handkerchief in hand. “H-hey Chad” the nervous man stuttered, wiping the snot from his nose as he sniffed. “Don’t do that baby” Chad whispered, pushing the man’s hand away, “I like how snot looks on you” The nervous man’s face flushed red, and he sat next to Chad on the bed. Chad stares at him with a lovingly gaze and picked up a feather. “Garret” Chad said, in his alluring voice “you know what to do” Garret picked up the feather and rubbed it against his nose, which caused Chad to moan heavily. “Do it again baby” Chad begged, grabbing his shirt. Garret sneezed again, harder, and watched the bulge rise in Chad’s spandex. Garret noticed his own chicken started rise too, and sneezed again, this time Chad couldn’t handle it, and had to fall on top of Garret. “Chad, that’s the earliest I’ve seen you-“ Chad cut him off and started unbuttoning his shirt, whispering, “sneeze again for me baby” Garret let out another sneeze, with yellow snot shooting out of his nostrils, as Chad kissed and slurped the booger’s out of Garret’s nose.

    lucian was staring at a cloud, it looked like a baby drinking monster juice. she stared at it for a long time... lcucisan ran home, only to see that very same baby, drinking monster juice. the baby blushed. "h-hi! i-im... k..kyle!!!" he said, sputtering monster juice everywhere. lucian giggled. kyle, the bsby, had an extremely high pitched voice. it had a hint of texas accent as well. "c...can you say yeehaw for me?" lucian said, giggling. baby kyle dropped his monster juice. he got up on the table, so you could see his diaper. he had a huge bulgie wuldggie. kawaii... lucian thought in her head. then baby kyle squeaked. and here it comes! "y-y-yee...YEEHAW!!!!!" he squealed.

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