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Talk here about dem brain fiddling (I can't believe I said "brain fiddling") things y’all don't understand.

Brain Fiddling

I don't understand why furs in Transformice have to be so expensive :l ~ Pinkskittylover101

I don't understand what gucci means. I suppose I should look it up but I'm too lazy -Narglez

I don't understand why people overuse the term "wheeze". -Serifni

I don't understand what "life" means. -BootsAndCats

I don’t understand why people curse at my school. -Scooterfrozenrabbit

I don’t understand why some things are so awesome :D (no I’m not talking about you, “things,” people are not things) -Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur

I don't understand why people think Alvaro Soler is stupid just because he hangs out with a certain girl. The blonde girl in the La Cintura music video is Toni Garrn and Toni posted a video clip of it on her Instagram and people were calling it things like "how does this b//ch not know that Toni is mine he's a piece of s//t this is worst video I've ever seen in my whole life" "omfg this creep hangs out with too many girls when will he decide on one of them" "he's cheating on this ellar person right? should've expected it from the biggest loser ever :P" - 2023zhanl38

I don’t understand 90% of all Evillious things. Especially Seth. -Seth

Why is Fortnite so popular? -NerdyPiggy

PREACH ^^ -Scooterfrozenrabbit

I don't understand why people think that liking the most popular things makes you "quirky". -Serifni

I don't understand Fortnite and why I can't make a good username - Cutefluffycatmeow0aj

I don't understand that why my Wifi is slow- Meherc07

I do not understand why everybody had to spam random categories on every page here, it makes me nervous. - Pleaseletmehalp

I dont know about AJ Classic (joke) -peppaporc