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The Wolves Heart is a Male Robloxian and former content moderator, who joined Fandom/Wikia on his 13th birthday.

IMG 1851.JPG

"shm Pheonix added annoying sibling to my category list"

"wow are you 9? freaking heaveans, this is crazy"

"who the hell is jhopless"

"i need a slat gallery"

"what the fudging hell is this lol fuel"

"whos aparri"

"lol Pheonix why did you create this wow"

"If your name is boots and cats get out of here look i edited my user page"

  • His real name is Hunter.
  • He loves wolves, huskies, and bull terriers.
  • He has straight, blonde hair with streaks of dark brown.
  • His Roblox username is Wolfwolf30381.
  • He is CHarizadtoothless's younger brother.
  • He reads WOF (wings of fire)