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The Tiger's Roar is a lame 14-year-old kid who enjoys spending her time playing a game meant for children much younger than her and obsessing over pixels with a golden tag on them.

Things you can call her without getting yelled at[]

  • Tiger's Roar
  • Tiger
  • Invalid
  • Jesus
  • Jayme
  • A complete idiot

Things you technically can call her but will probably get yelled at for[]

  • Anything involving a pun
  • Jamie/Jaime
  • Jaymen
  • Jeysus/Jezus/Jesyuz
  • Liberal/Democrat (long story)
  • Anything positive (e.g. good artist, smart)


  • "Who was the genius who put Christmas on a Monday this year?"
  • "A dad is like a mom, but female"
  • "You too" (when someone told her "happy birthday")
  • "Well, it's still straighter than I am" (about a broken pencil) (she's ace)
  • "When working out, I like to pretend my arm is a sausage. The more bicep strength I have, the tenderer and overall more delicious the sausage becomes. Actually, scratch that. I don't like sausages and I don't like working out"
  • "All of us admins are just mysterious automated bots intending to someday take over the world. We're starting by brainwashing the minds of young children."
  • "You incompetent fool, little do you know that I am Jesus"
  • "No thanks, I've already joined the neo-Nazis downtown." (when asked to join the KKK)
  • "hhHHhhHHhhH"
  • "nceorospotigng >:(((("
  • "One more word out of you and I'll stick your head down this ice hole" (after being trapped in an ice fishing house for 4 hours with a really annoying 12 year old making uncomfortable sex jokes)
  • "litttttt it's ya boi 🙅 you know we always fuego 👆🙄👆esketiit fam 👊😂👇👁👁💣 no haters on my scope 🔇 flexin on y'all 24/7 💰💳💹💸💵 bling blow 🗿🔫 Clouted Up 💲💲💲☑▫The world is mine yuh 🌍 On the grind all day everyday ⏰🕛🕧🕟🕞🌚♋💯💯💯 SO wus poppin 🅱"