AJ Failure Club Wiki

These weren't really directed at me but things I've overheard. I'm sure we can regard the people who have said these things as "failures". Either way, stupid people are pretty funny sometimes. Feel free to add ridiculous things you’ve heard too!

  • " Oh! So you're Asian, do you guys like watch anime as part of your culture or religion"
  • "Hey, I heard you're Asian. Are you Japanese?"
  • "My list for a flower crown, firefly, dragon wings!" *sees spike on trade* "If you're gonna trade me raccoon tail, add A LOT! I'm being kind here :)"
  • "You're a twin, how many years younger is your sister?"
  • "im enroling in coledge as i type"
  • "The sun is like the biggest planet ever!"
  • "Why aren't there any female cameramen?!"
  • "JD wasn't a crazy psychopath who killed three people! He's simply misunderstood!"
  • "Kawaii? Like you want to draw island stuff? I've never been to Kawaii."
  • "You're Chinese? What continent in China are you from?"
  • "Hey, you're from the Czech Republic. Does this mean you're always right?"
  • "Right, left, right, wrong. If the opposite of right is left, but the opposite of right is wrong, does this mean that Right = Right and Left = Wrong?"
  • "Phuc Dat Hotel" - the name of a hotel
  • ”i herd there may be a seal kingdom under the ice”
  • "I'm Native American because I was born in America"
  • "I'm sad that I'm happy."
  • "You're Chinese! Are you from Japan or Korea?"
  • "Are you from North or South Korea?"
  • -Listens to K-pop (korean pop)- "STOP LISTENING TO THAT CHING CHONG CHINESE MUSIC!!!!"
  • "Oh, you speak Chinese? I do too! Ching chong chong chang chang!"
  • “im pretty.” “i have confident.” “ur ugly giraffe.” “im sew we side.”
  • Ghett yo taco (literally the name of a restaurant I think...... why?)
  • "I'd rather kill myself than commit suicide"
  • "England is my city"
  • “Come all, come one!”
  • "I like Jake Paul so I'm part of the Logang!"
  • "Yes I'm vegan. Yes I eat meat. We exist."
  • "If your from Asia, can you teach me karate or kung fu?"
  • "Alvaro Soler is <insert random negative word here>"
  • "Leafpool is <insert random negative word here>"
  • “Can I get 10 likes becuz my pet fish drowned?”
  • "Welcome to the Drowned Mermaid!" "Why is the mermaid drowned?" "Uhh no idea."
  • "WTH IS THIS" "Idk wait WTH IS WTH"