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Warning. This article contains a large amount of cringe. Proceed at your own risk, and keep in mind, you may need a cup of Clorox. Don't worry, we have lots available. Just ask a staff member. If we're not stocked up on Clorox for some reason, raid your local grocery store.

Storytime! Once upon a time, WildWackySushi was saying “TRADE ATTEMPTS for STRAW HATS, SPIKES, and OTHER GOODIES :D,” and saw a bunch of Jammers hopping on the ice at Mt. Shiveer. One Jammer was arguing that they “SAW THE VID” and that they were “A SUP.” Then WildWackySushi saw something glorious.

Yess! They 'herd' right, for basking in the sunlight below was a herd of seals! (a group of seals is actually considered a herd; what a coincidence; the irony)