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Finn: “To be broken.”<br />
Finn: “To be broken.”<br />
Michael: “No! Nothing exists to be br-“<br />
Michael: “No! Nothing exists to be br-“<br />
Finn, aggressively snapping glow sticks: “I think you’re WRONG.”
Finn, aggressively snapping glow sticks: “I think you’re WRONG.”<br />
Finn: “Hey, I have to ask you a question. Will you be my Valentine?”<br />
Michael: “We’re married.”<br />
Finn: “But will you?”<br />
Michael: “Of course I will.”<br />
==The Tuesdays of a Hero, Villain, and Princess==
==The Tuesdays of a Hero, Villain, and Princess==
Gilbert: "I do ''not'' have a crush on Derek."<br />
Gilbert: "I do ''not'' have a crush on Derek."<br />

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Title is self explanatory, it's just memes and incorrect quotes for my OCs and their worlds.

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Total DictatorshipEdit


Swords are just big knives

Lekudians: "Aren't you straight?"

Well yes but actually no

Alex and Riku's interactions during the first few days Riku came to the palace

Gay silence

Riku when he first came to the palace: *To Alex* "Alright, let's tell each other a secret about ourselves. I'm gonna go first. I... hate you."

Riku: "Take me out."
Alex: "Like, on a date or with a gun?"
Riku: "Surprise me."

Alex: *At Riku's feet* "I'll do anything you want me to do, daddy~♡"

Then perish

Alex: *Takes Riku to the palace*

Let me gooooooo

President Smith: "C'mon, Alex has got to be bad at something!"
Bodyguard: "Maybe he's bad at kissing."
Riku: "No, he's good at that too."
President: "What?"

Thinking of actual plot

This is brilliant

Thinking of Alex walking around the palace with a framed picture of Riku while singing Irresistible by Temposhark

But I like this

Riku: *Referring to Alex* "His hair? WACK. His gear? WACK. His jewelry? WACK. His foot stance? WACK. The way that he talks? WACK. The way that he doesn't even like to smile? WACK. Me? I'm tight as fu-"

Riku: *Turns on lamp for reading*
Alex: "You might as well call me that lamp..."
Riku: "Why..."
Alex: "Because you turn me on."
Riku: *Slams book shut*

Fifty-eight: "What's going on in here?!"
Alex: *Pokes his head out from behind the door* "Riku got a nosebleed and fainted."
Fifty-eight: "How the hell did that happen?!"
Alex: *Mumbling*
Fifty-eight: "Could you speak up, sir?"
Alex: "...I put on a maid's dress..."

Vasska: *Sees Alex and Riku walk into the room holding hands* "So who finally confessed?"
Riku: *With a proud smile* "It was me. I made sure it was short and sweet."
Alex: "You yelled 'Listen here you little shit; I have feelings for you and it's about time I acknowledged them!'... from the roof."
Riku: "It worked though."

Kirill: "Sir, are you and Riku dating?"
Alex, with his head in Riku's lap: "What gave you that impression?"

Riku: *Knocking on Alex's door before entering* "Are you decent?"
Alex: "Not morally, but I'm wearing pants if that's what you're asking."

Riku: "You're pretty dumb."
Alex: "Oh, why, thank you!"
Riku: "Why're you thanking me? I just called you dumb."
Alex: "All I heard was 'You're pretty'."

Riku: "You're so dramatic."
Alex: *Holding a crystal wine glass, throwing rose petals, dressed all in purple velvet, and draped across a grand piano: "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Riku: "You look innocent."
Alex: "Me? Innocent? Really?"
Riku: "You have a very evil version of innocence."

Riku: "You're so sweet and cute and precious~"
Riku: "How cute~"

Riku: "I hate you!"
Alex: "Then why did you kiss me?"
Riku: "Because I like you."
Alex: "..."
Riku: "I have issues."

Alex: *Marries Riku*
The Numbered Servants:

Am I a joke to you

Alex: "I will never date an ugly girl. Why? Because I don't believe they exist."

Alex: "Pansexuality, bro!!" *triple flip*

Alex: *Stumbles out of pantry* "Shit- ow-!" *Gets up* "Hi, I'm pansexual, and yes, I came out of the pantry."

President Smith: "Without straight people, your d u m b ass wouldn't exist.
Riku: "Guess what, P. Smith, I don't want to exist! C H E C K M A T E, M O T H E R F U C K E R."

Riku: “You’ve heard o Elf on the Shelf, but have you heard of my crippling depression?”

The BL ClubEdit

Obviously I&#039;m not gay

Oskar: *Exists*

Well you got me there

Beck: "Can I just say say, whoever thought I was a idiot was right."

Night: "Compliment me"
Beck: "Barbecue sauce"
Night: "Thanks"

Ludwig: "You need to pick your battles."
Beck, wielding a sword and taping another one to a Roomba: "I am full of rage and I choose to pick all of them."

Beck: "Who the fuck...
Ludwig: "Language."
Beck: "Oh, right, sorry. Whom the fuck..."
Ludwig: "That's not what I meant."

Love Is Its Own CurrencyEdit

*Referring to Michael* "Why do I need a snack if I already got a snacc right here?" - Finn

Michael: "Did I get anything out of this experience? No. It was completely and totally uneventful."
Eliza: "He kissed a guy!"
Michael: *blushing* "No I didn't!"
Eliza: "Yes you did."
Michael: "Didn't!"
Eliza: "Diiiiiid!"
Michael: "Did not!"
Eliza: "Did did did did did did ddddddd did ddd did!"
Monica: *aHEM* "Uh, I can break this tie." *pulls out a picture of Michael kissing Finn* "He totally did."

Michael: *Exists*

Love and affection

Finn: "Remember kids, don't put metal in the Michaelwave."

Finn: "Drug is not a weed, plant is a meth. Can you grow weed, can, drug, plant??? YES. Can you weed drug? NO."
Michael: "Finn what the actual hell are you talking about"

Finn and Michael: *Doing something mildly romantic*
Monica with a camera:

Girl hiding behind bush

Amelia: *To Lizzie and Finn* "Ok I'm off to therapy, the house better be clean and in one piece when I get back."
*One hour later*
Amelia: "I'm ba-holy shit what did you guys do???
Finn and Lizzie: *Standing in knee-deep water and shoveling buckets of water out of the window*

Finn: "Here's your coffee"

Screenshot 9154

Michael: "Why? Why are you like this?"
Finn: "I'm a natural artist, Michael."

Michael: "Y'know, Finn is kinda like the sun to me."
Monica: "Aawww, is it because he's the light of your life?"
Michael: "No, it's because the longer I stare the more I regret it."
Monica: "Oh. But you still love him, right?"
Michael: "Duh, all I'm saying is-"
Finn: *Running while wearing a rainbow cape* "Babe, look! I'm a gay superhero!"
Michael: "Oh my goodness."
Finn: *Gasps in realization and makes eye contact with Michael* "I'm Supergay."
Michael: *Turning to Monica* "I take it back; I love him."

Finn: *Chokes on food*
Michael: "Geez, Finn, don't die on me!"
Finn: "Don't tell me what to do, I'll die whenever the hell I want!"

Finn: "I could get lost in your eyes."
Michael: "You get lost walking in a straight line."

Finn: "Have you ever liked someone before but were too scared to say it?"
Michael: "All the time."
Finn: "Same."
*Awkward silence*
Monica, in the distance: *Slaps forehead* "These idiots! Oh my goodness! Just kiss already!"

Finn: "Do you ever chill?"
Michael: "Not really, no."

Michael: "I'm hungry, is dinner ready yet?"
Finn: "Ben mange ta main et garde l'autre pour demain."
Michael: *Non-French confusion*

Michael: "Did you eat all the powdered donuts?"
Finn: *Mouth full of food* "No..."
Michael: "Than what's that on your pants?"
Finn: "That's cocaine."

Michael: "For the last time, it’s called cauliflower, not ghost broccoli."
Finn: *Staring at the wall* "I know what I saw."

Mr. Takahashi: *Sees Michael's neck* "My goodness, son, is that a hickey?!?"
Michael: "I-it's a mosquito bite!"
Mr. Takahashi: *Pointing to Finn, who's in the background trying to escape through the window* "That's a big ass mosquito!"

Michael: *Walking down the stairs* "Is something burning?"
Finn: *Leaning seductively against the counter* "Just my desire for you."
Michael: "Finn, the toaster is on fire."

Eliza: "Can you recommend me a book that made you cry?"
Finn: "General Mathematics 6th Edition."

Finn: "Hey, spell 'me'."
Michael: "Okay, m-e?"
Finn: "You forgot the 'd'."
Michael: "...But there's no 'd' in 'me'."
Finn: "Not yet."
Monica: *Fanfic writing intensifies*

Michael: “Rules exist for a reason.”
Finn: “To be broken.”
Michael: “No! Nothing exists to be br-“
Finn, aggressively snapping glow sticks: “I think you’re WRONG.”

Finn: “Hey, I have to ask you a question. Will you be my Valentine?”
Michael: “We’re married.”
Finn: “But will you?”
Michael: “Of course I will.”

The Tuesdays of a Hero, Villain, and PrincessEdit

Gilbert: "I do not have a crush on Derek."
Allison and William:

Gilbert: *Referring to Derek* "Is it too much to ask for a rival around here? A charming foe? An opponent to engage passionately in a battle of the lips? I mean wits. Fuck."

Gilbert, after downing 5 glasses of wine within 7 minutes: "Let me get one FUCKING straight. I'M FUCKING MANIACAL! I'm absolutely frantic! I'm mad-dog! I'm berserk. I'm going WILD! Fucking insane. I'm a cycle path. I wake up at 11:30 and drink flat Mountain Dew. Y'ALL ACTUALLY CHEW YOUR SPAGHETTI??? WEAK. PATHETIC. UGLY. I swallow it down my slippery gullet like it's nothing. I go to kung fu lessons on Tuesday and Saturday so I can kick your ass. I FLUNG MYSELF INTO A NYQUIL-INDUCED 5 HOUR NAP AT 2 O'CLOCK PM AND WHEN I WOKE UP I COULDN'T SEE so I just went back to bed. And when I woke up, it was next week.

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