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(A story by teh amazing BootsAndCats :333)


A gloomy breeze blew through Appondale as a tall shadow darted past an oak tree.

It was going too fast to notice it had dropped something.

But it was too much in a rush to care.

Chapter One

"Damn it! I got locked out again!" Otter cursed as she landed in Appondale, the perfect place to end up after someone locked their den. As she stood up, she noticed something pink near the mud pile. What's that?, she thought. It might be some random junk left by those rich arctic wolves... or something good I can trade for supplies! Suddenly, the pink item appeared in her paws without warning. "Whoa," the fox muttered.. "This is..." "...a flower crown."

Chapter Two

Otter ran from Appondale to her den. The flower crown shifted uneasily, but Otter didn't care. I can finally be "rare" now and join the Beta Club the cool Jammers own! Then I'll have friends to trade with! Maybe I can even get a headdress! Or a black long! Sighing happily, the fox flopped onto her bed. "Time to wear this baby!" she crowed. When she put it on, the flower crown glitched slightly, turning a deep purple, then pink again. This time, Otter noticed. "The heck...? Oh well, who cares!? I'm going to Jamaa Township!"

Chapter Three

"Ooh! Ahh!"

The gasps and envious stares only made Otter's chest puff up even more.

"Wow, how did you become so beta, Otter?!?!" Liberty, an eagle, inquired.

"If only I was as lucky as you!" Spirit the owl hooted. By now, the fox was filled up with pride at these compliments.

Commander, one of Otter's buddies, walked up to her. "Wanna hang out?" But Otter ignored him, leaving the giraffe to walk away sadly. What's up with her? he thought.

All the sudden, the crowd of traders parted, and it was Otter's turn to stare.

Flora, the rarest arctic wolf known to Jammerkind, had come.

"I see we have a new member of the Beta Club," she announced.

The fox gasped. "R-R-R-Really?! Thank you SO much, Flora! You're so generous!"

Flora smiled, but then turned away. If only that idiot knew what I have in store for her...

Chapter Four

When all the commotion about Otter's flower crown died down, Flora motioned her eager follower over to her den.

"Otter, follow me. I'll show you the wae path to the secret portal." Removing a curtain, Flora walked into the grand passageway nonchalantly, with Otter nervously following.


Flora and Otter ended up in a lavishly decorated place Otter had never seen before. It had baby blue rose garlands, scented candles, and plushed pillows. "Wow, Flora!" the fox cried. "This place is BEAUTIFUL! I can't believe it!" The arctic wolf merely raised an eyebrow. "Well, Otter, as you see, it is the perfect place for trading. But before you TRULY get in... we have a test for you."

"A test?! What is it??? I'll do ANYTHING!"

Flora smirked, thinking to herself, She's more of a sucker than I thought. Happy-go-lucky, I'm assuming? Who knows. But she won't find out that I'm the only member of my Beta Club.


Commander stood outside the curtain that covered the secret portal to the Beta Club.

I suspect that Flora is planning something with that flower crown of Otter's, and I have a feeling it's not good.