AJ Failure Club Wiki

This.... never happened.

Woaaah our site has lasted 2 months? Amazing, let's carry on our traditions!! 

May 1: Happy April Fools monthiversary! Troll trade again!

May 2: Trolling! WildWackySushi will pretend to be Aparri, and we will be fans. Meet in WildWackySushi's den.

May 3: Go into a Spanish server (but set the account's language to Spanish first) and start singing lyrics to any Alvaro Soler song in a crowded area.

May 4: Run around town waving lightsabers screaming “MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU!!!”

May 5: Screech the word TACO over and over in Aldan.

May 6-12: Plant flowers and BURN THEM ALL after we finish planting them.

May 13: Steal 62 people’s sunglasses.

May 14: Eat a Reese's Klondike bar every time someone says 'hi' to you.

May 15: Wake 15 people up inside.

May 16: Throw a 'sweet 16' party for the month of May.

May 17 - 20: Go on Transformice and be troll shams until people get salty

May 21 - 23: Transformice extreme cheesefarming, now's the time to join on the glorious pink cat's refferal link listed on her page! (totally not advertising)

May 24: Recreate the iconic story of Old Chunkybelly Poopypants.

May 25: Execute Scooterfrozenrabbit.

May 26-31: Feast on the bones of Scooterfrozenrabbit.