AJ Failure Club Wiki

All things done can be found here.

March 1: Sacrifice 10 piggos to the CULT GOD. (Completed)

March 2: Burn a witch in the basement. (Completed)

March 3: Film someone recycling a pearly tiara. (Completed)

March 4-14: Cake Festival. Eating cakes in the basement while watching "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" 10 times. (Completed)

March 15: Chase down a leprechaun and throw him in a freezer, all while insisting he show the Cult where he has hidden his gold *cough cough* under a rainbow *cough cough* (Completed)

March 16: The Candy Spray War. (Completed)

March 17: Transformice Trolling (Completed (not really))

March 18-30: The Aparri Hunt begins. Mission: Locate Aparri, tie him to a wooden pole, and burn him like the witch he is.  (Completed)

March 31: Get a couple broomsticks and fly around on it, screaming, "DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD!" while delicately eating cat sushi. Note that the cat's liver will replace the tuna sashimi topping on this day.

March 32: Acknowledge that this day is nonexistent, but hell, who cares? (will never be completed)