AJ Failure Club Wiki

This definitely won’t happen, but let’s put it here anyways to continue the tradition!

July 1: Maple leaf eating. Eat lots of maple leaves.

July 2: Kidnap 25 daughters of Greely and cook them.

July 3-7: Feasting on the daughters of Greely! Purify the world!

July 4 (in between the feasting): Listen to America's national anthem and all of APH America's character songs at full blast.

July 8: Sweat day. Stand in the sun for the whole day, and be extremely sweaty. Make sure to bring a warm sweater made from yarn knitted by your granny!

July 9: Have a couple cups of rice pudding and go to Six Flags. Vomiting is expected from everyone in the Cult.

July 10: There are still Greely daughters, but this time they're from the love triangle GreelyxAmelia. Burn them at the stake. (Don't forget your bleach!)

July 11: Praise and worship our lord Satan!

July 12: Ball party. Playing with balls in Transformice.

July 13: We have to force the boot in a cat to admit to their boot-in-cat genes!

July 14: Only eat potato chips for the day. No corn, only potato.

July 15: Get a huge stomach ache from eating only potato chips.

Add more stuff, remove this once the month is complete.