The Cult

Members of The Cult- NIcknames by Parddddner Petaya and i am not a god i am a planet

Demoncat1100 aka Demon, Demoncrat, Eels, etc. I need an internet katana where can I buy one aka what have you done

CatGirl0099 aka Catgurl aka COOL CAT!!! aka I’m only nice to ppl on the internet idk why aka #savagecabbage aka NOHALFHOUSESSTAR!!!!!!! aka Boots has been here

Foxzebra aka Fox in zebra’s clothing AKA HYBRID or Fox

Pinkskittylover101 aka Not-very-pink skitty AKA KITTEN aka Shiny Skitty


The failure in a boot aka Leafpool X Crowfeather, baby aka Petaya thinks I'm rare for having 3 flower crowns aka heck yes I do how would anyone ever get 3 flower crowns aka Bootstorm aka nerd aka rc tail girl aka I do not have a rc oWo aka AKA you told the tale of rc tail girl aka oh yeah, but I ain't her

Night the cringe aka CRRRINGY AKA Edgy Night

Yumms567 aka Yumms, Krispy Kremes! aka pillow stealer aka yumms678

Sugar Plum Cake aka delicious aka Sugar Coated Plum Cake aka Human eating cake aka I despise Aparri

2023zhanl38 aka EGG aka I AM THE LORD FAN OF ALVARO SOLER aka Undefined

Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur aka Petaya; cringey five year old dat plays too much videa gams aka parrrrdner petaya (reminds me of something from when i was littler) Aka Peataya, Demon's nemesis

Athenacool11 aka Athena is cool aka Zeus or literally any greek god

CharizardToothless aka Charred and Toothless person aka Char, Charish, or Char-Brolied Steak

Famøusjammer aka I am not a famous jammer aka confident aparri oof

WildWackySushi aka Sushistorm

Misskitty2000 aka Miss. Kitty aka 8 year old

Serifni aka jhopeless aka dude you do realize galaxy is Gree-peck right? aka galaxystar28

Rand0mzer0 aka Randomizer (because I actually never remember your user is randomzero)

SolarSkies aka SolerSkies aka The Sun That Cannot Roast aka Red toothbrush person aka awkward hooman aka wants to join the cult aka Moopy aka edgelord

Nerdypiggy aka  Chinese not Korean pig. aka the one pig Petaya likes to make fun about.

The Wolves Heart aka annoying brother to Char aka wolf with slat gallery aka giant evil wolf

House0fCards aka obsessed with this really tasty Mexican drink that's mango flavored

Pleaseletmehalp aka I need some halp

Your depressed current crazy lady Neptuneok??8 aka NO NOT THE GOD YOU PERCY JACKSON FANES!-- aka your lovely dictator leader

And our senpai alpha baby love of my life, Gree-PECK aka I AM SECRETLY GALAXY

"The ones in the italics are clearly the better ones" -neptune

“Fine I’ll make mine bold and then I’ll stand out more! -Petaya

"hhhhhhhhhh"- H

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