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Storytime with WildWackySushi

I was stalking Smithle111's [1] message wall, where it said Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur was one of their favorite pages. So naturally, I click the page.

So I'm scrolling through everything, looking at stuff about me, and just scrollin', then I see The Story of Old Chunkybelly Poopypants. So I copy it because I want to write a comment about it (which I did), and at this time, I was advertising my Den. I was hosting one of those 'Surprise' Dens where you don't know what it is, so I had copied my advertisement speech.

I pressed command v (paste) and guess what I said in the middle of Jamaa Township?

The Story of Old Chunkybelly Poopypants

Moral of the story,

have a good memory..