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MinionPigFan is an old account of mine, also a big failure.



First of all, its the Nyan Cat badge. It looks like this:

Caramelxmacchiato's Fellow Nyan Cat

Nyan cat.gif

Congrats! You're CaramelxMacchiato's fellow nyan cat! To get this badge, just type in {{CMNC}}.

"Piggos? what a weird pig"

It also says "hi jammers". His Twitter is suspended too. His website is just the Bad Piggies website. According to his profile, he lives in Sawyer Iques house. Sawyer is a youtuber who made The Victor Show, The Boss Piggy, and some skits. His occupation just says Everything, that means he does anything he can do. He only has 5 edits on this wiki. Currently, he has no discussion posts. His first edit, not about his profile, was on the comment section of the user, NerdyPiggy, where he wrote "Piggos? what a weird pig" on WildWackySushi's comment. His last edit was on the Funny Quiz Results page, where he just typed in "imma pig oinkers". It had nothing to do with the quiz. He also got a Pinterest account, by the name of @purplesheptoaster. Hes also on the Angry Birds (Fanon) Wiki. One of his blog posts said: "Once i gotten out of the cliff, i saw the blues and the pigs in a fight. I imagined the Blues being violently abused and tied around the slingshot, body-damaged by the three minion pigs while the eggs were being taken. Then King Pig laughing evilly, Chef Pig cooking the eggs and King Pig eating them." His one post on the ABFW is: Thread. Speaking about the wiki, he joined on June 1st 2018, thats old. Also about old Fandom accounts, my first Fandom account was either PeppaPigThe or Peppaworld26.