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why do i need pages for every cringe i make here iui


Da Sheep Show is cringe. Its a series made by SusieeOfficialzz in 2016/2017.

  • Baby Sheep: A cute little sheep with a red shirt.
  • Weird Sheep: Hes a weird sheep anyways.
  • Sheep: Hes cool, he got a blue shirt, and hes the leader of the Sheep Squad.
  • No-Arm Sheep: A green color sheep, with no arms.
  • Ugly Shep: Just Purple Shep.
  • Jessica Sheep (previously known as Jessie): The mother of the sheep.
  • Sallie Lamb: Known from a YouTube video, known as "Sallie gets held back".

Sheeps New Shirt[]

Sheep gets a new orange shirt.