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Here are all of my cringy accounts on Fandom.

MinionPigFan (Taken from page)[]

Currently, he has no discussion posts. His first edit, not about his profile, was on the comment section of the user, NerdyPiggy, where he wrote "Piggos? what a weird pig" on WildWackySushi's comment. His last edit was on the Funny Quiz Results page, where he just typed in "imma pig oinkers". It had nothing to do with the quiz. He also got a Pinterest account, by the name of @purplesheptoaster. Hes also on the Angry Birds (Fanon) Wiki. Speaking about the wiki, he joined on June 1st 2018, thats old. Also about old Fandom accounts, my first Fandom account was either PeppaPigThe or Peppaworld26.


First variant of MPF. Also too old indeed.

Peppa Pig Related Fandom Accounts[]


One of my FIRST Fandom accounts. Its all cringe. She is on the Nyan Cat Wiki. Heres a list of my edits on the wiki:

  • Nian Ciat - A parody of Nyan Cat.
  • e - Literally something interesting. Copy and pasted comment.
  • OwO a comment! - ~=[,,_,,]:3
  • YES - Did Toast Cat come came from a toaster or a MineBlocks pig?


  • Peppapedia (possibly)
  • Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooo
  • SheepBaa
  • PigSheep75
  • donno ;-;