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Once a time i was walking down the street, but then i found a doggo in the middle of the street, and a car was gonna kill it, i didnt know what to do so i runned away to avoid watching the bloody drama, and i hear something crashing, it was the car, it crashed to a tree, and the dog was safe, so i decide to walk away the fast i could, and i did


Ok another story time! Once a time i was in a pool, well, i was gonna enter the pool, when i see a dead ant inside in, i became sick for seing that, but the sick passed, and i entered anyway, but soon i noticed alot of rainbow ants were floating in leaves, and where going toward me, so i swing the fast i could, and i escaped, so now im telling this

-kevinalv (again)

Well this isn't really a story, but I was trying to sign up for something and it said, "Please verify your humanity by re-entering the code below." Yes, apparently it wasn't apparant that I was human. 

- CatGirl0099

Once a time i eated a rotten leaf

And i died

"Comedy intesifies"

Thecringelord2 (talk) 15:18, August 31, 2018 (UTC)

i one was climbing trees at da park and got stuck. what did i do? what any (insane) person would do! i jumped out of the tree!


This page is to put your stories that you just invented, so come on, put here something that hapenned to you