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Smithle111 is an embarrassing failure, idiot, and is cringe themselves.

  • They are such a failure, they fail at failing
  • They swallowed a penny as a little 6-8 yr old
  • They have cringe-phobia
  • They have themselves-phobia, because they have cringe-phobia and they are cringe
  • They have a pet miniature poodle and a Dwarf Hotot[[1]] named Eva

What you can call me
  • You seriously need another name
  • Your name is boring
  • What kind of name is Smithle?
  • Change your name already
What you can NOT call me
  • Smith
  • French fries(since I'm a potato)
  • They are, like HttpFrandz, the definition of cringe.
  • They seriously need to stop talking in third person.
  • They want to be like Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur and The Tiger's Roar.
  • They are planning on starting a Youtube channel, but don't know what to name it.
  • They haven't been on Animal Jam as of May 1st.