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Scooterfrozenpanda is a "hate ship" between Iloveredpanda123 and Scooterfrozenrabbit.

The Events That Led Up to This... Monstrosity Event

To sum it all up, Iloveredpanda123 found a thread on 2023zhanl38's message wall which led Panda to accuse Scooterfrozenrabbit of being underage. Eventually, staff members such as Serifni, Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur, and Demoncat1100 solved the conflict, and Panda apologized to Scooter.

The "Hate Ship"

On June 17, 2018, Iloveredpanda123 created this page. The primary focus of this page was to recap the events of this drama happening, but she used a misleading name which led users like a boot in a cat (what the hell is a boot in a cat?? -CAT in boot) to think that this page was supposed to be a hate ship.

Your Reaction?
  • Scooter allegedly quit because of this.
  • Nobody ships this.