AJ Failure Club Wiki

A bunch of random stuff that happened to be during school... enjoy! (Add your own too)


Chicken Legs

My friend had a lot of sugar and was seeing things... this random guy walked past and she screamed "CHICKEN LEGS!!!" because apparently his legs looked like chicken legs. (They didn’t- they were black with green stripes!) So we started talking and he said something about being a cowboy so my friend was like "OH YOU HAVE A COW HEAD AND CHICKEN LEGS". And then we eventually had to drag her away while she was screaming, "FLY, CHICKEN, FLYYYYY!"

Lightsaber pool noodles

There’s a bunch of pool noodles in the gym storage room. (No real purpose because we supposedly don’t have a pool.) And one day during gym, someone found them and started smacking someone else with a noodle, they got one and started smacking back, someone else noticed and joined in and... total chaos. Then the one annoying guy (who apparently runs like a squid so I call him Squid) found out that if you hit the floor with the noodle hard enough it sounds like an explosion...

Space cats and tooties

My friend and I both write stories (she writes mostly hunger games fanfiction and I write creepy things). I was telling her about this alien cat story I was writing but I’m bad at explaining so I started with "Well there’s a big hole..." and we both started laughing so when I said there were trees in the hole she was like "Tooties? What’s a Tootie?" And we cracked up. Meanwhile our table mates stared at us while we were insane.


Jumanji Eggs

One day, during lunch, my friends and I were talking about BTS crack ships. So one of my friends goes "What if you were shipped with Jimin?". Then, we hear this guy scream "JUMANJI EGGS"!. My friend goes "That's your ship name.". Fun times...

Unicorn Tears

Back in second grade, there was this girl who liked horses a lot. So my friends and I were playing tag, and I fell. This girl straight up comes to me and her tears fall onto my scrape. I was all like "What the heck?" while this horse obsessed girl said "Unicorn tears heal stuff.". I was laughing so hard after they said that.