AJ Failure Club Wiki

A bunch of random stuff that happened to be during school... enjoy! (Add your own too)


Chicken Legs

My friend had a lot of sugar and was seeing things... this random guy walked past and she screamed "CHICKEN LEGS!!!" because apparently his legs looked like chicken legs. (They didn’t- they were black with green stripes!) So we started talking and he said something about being a cowboy so my friend was like "OH YOU HAVE A COW HEAD AND CHICKEN LEGS". And then we eventually had to drag her away while she was screaming, "FLY, CHICKEN, FLYYYYY!"

Lightsaber pool noodles

There’s a bunch of pool noodles in the gym storage room. (No real purpose because we supposedly don’t have a pool.) And one day during gym, someone found them and started smacking someone else with a noodle, they got one and started smacking back, someone else noticed and joined in and... total chaos. Then the one annoying guy (who apparently runs like a squid so I call him Squid) found out that if you hit the floor with the noodle hard enough it sounds like an explosion...