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Ever been scammed and when you look back on it you think “Seriously former self?!” or have you ever encountered someone who tried to scam you but failed? Post them down below!

WildWackySushi- This bunny came to my Den, telling me to dress their nm Pet Phantom. They told me to put my Groundhog on trade and I said like 30 times (not exaggerating) ”I don’t feel comfortable putting my Groundhog on trade,” but they kept ignoring. I said multiple times, “I’ll dress your pet but I’m not putting the Groundhog on trade, end of story.” Then they threatened to report me because I was a “SCAMMER SCAMMER.” I’ve been scammed out of HD because I trusted someone and was under pressure, so I’m not trusting anyone anytime soon.

WildWackySushi- Uh. I just got scammed. In a pathetic way. A trust giveaway. So ashamed.

Faci50- Once (in Play Wild) someone tried to trade me gold dragon wings for my red ones (which is an overtrade) and I accepted, but they cancelled afterwards. I thought it was a troll, until they said that they’d trade again and they said the following:”I can’t accpet the trade because I have a full inventory, I’ll recycle something and trade again.” They traded again but this time they traded the pet dragon wings. Luckily I declined, but I could’ve quickly accepted the trade without looking as I was eager to get a higher-in-value variant of Dragon Wings.

Neptuneok??8- A while ago, back when I was a noob (with a surprising amount of rares), Zocla141 scammed me. She said this rare item I had was the key to AJHQS account so I could get all the rares I wanted. I was stupid enough to believe it. luckily, the item came back into the stores a week later!

WildWackySushi- This person said ''here's the deal. Gift me your HD and I'll gift RC car." "C'mon jammers are so selfish these days" "C'mon." "Plz" And I say, "Please give me a fair trade :)" Apparently I'm a SELFISH BRAT and a SELFISH POOP and they wish AJHQ would ban me

Oh, and they want to snap my neck

Aaandd an RC Car, Diamond Shop Collar, and Rare long Blue Wristband is fair? And apparently I scammed them? And I'm afraid to admit it?

WildWackySushi - So this Arctic Wolf offers a necklace that 'totally fair yaaa' for my Party Hat, and I say 'Lol why are you trying to scam me' because I was on a spare account, and they said 'Idk'

Another Llama offered a terrible offer and I said Sorry, that's not fair, and they replied with YOU'RE NOT FAIR OOOOOO

Peppaporc - So there was this website (unknown name) where someone hacked my account, Sheepiscool. IT HAD BEPPER TOO??!?!?!?! Yea. CLEARLY BEPPER. I wonder what its called...