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hi I think im important in this cold lonely world. i like soapy suds and food like mmmmmm soapy suddsssss

This user was later globally blocked for an unknown reason.


"I AM sexy and you know it"

"DOOOOKII DOKIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"ah i said wow and wowoowowowow"

"im a failure just like you"


"Brock from Pokémon is obsessed with those pervy curvy models"

"how am I a perv"

"kill me"

"99 is a cool number"

a poem by me

roses are red

violets are red

daisies are red

your garden is on fire

best poem 2k18 

  • i hate everything
  • pokemon is cool
  • chinese food is cool
  • some loser sockpuppet troll Embershock accused me of being a perv
  • im not a perv
  • i enjoy memes about soviet russia
  • i absolutely detest Justin Bieber
  • i also really hate all these crap rappers
  • wtf why am i still typing