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This is a public page where you can rant about anything, with the following exceptions:

  • Must be appropriate
  • Must not involve bad language
  • Must not personally name anyone on the wiki in a negative way (So you can't say FirstName Smith is an idiot but you can say my brother is an idiot)
  • Must not attack anyone on the wiki (Example of what NOT to do: And this person was on my message wall typing so slowly like a sloth!) 

  1. CatGirl0099: Hybrid Houses don't exist. There is Slytherin. There is Gryffindor. There is Hufflepuff. There is Ravenclaw. End of story. You get what house you get and you don't get upset. 
  2. Demon: When you enter an auction and are winning and then this one guy swoops in at 0:0001 seconds til the end and steals it hhh (Boots: Ayyy thar's me bro ;>) 
  3. Paw the potato (aka Rand0mZer0): When people get pissed off or mad over small things or believe that their opinion is the only correct one. If people want to be like that, leave them be, because it is their opinion too. 
  4. 2023zhanl38: Alvaro Soler has apparently conquered Europe with El Mismo Sol and Sofia but he's not anyone else's favorite singer and nobody has any idea who the crap he is and nobody recognizes any of his music WHY 
  5. Also Demon: Those people making up lies about WoF characters.... like no, Glory did not make the NightWings their slaves 
  6. Petaya: When some non member in the Pillow Room says “adopt me, members only!” and I just want to scream “HYPOCRITE WHATCHA DOIN DISCRIMINATING YOURSELF?!!!!”
  7. CatGirl0099: When there is SOOOOOOO much lag in Lucky Clovers that it takes u three flipping hours to get 50 and then when u open the epic chest it's only a storebought item and RIM. At least I got to stomp on Patrick's head, that idiot.
  8. Bootsie (R. I. P. respecting anyone's shipping opinion, Rand0mZer0): Feathertail X Crowfeather was NOT a thing! It was only motherly love, you pedophiles! When you're roughly 18 moons older than your so-called LOVE INTEREST, that is not a ship! That is called being FRIENDS! They did not (insert certain word here) each other or do lovey dovey stuff! They just supported each other and eventually one of them died! Great! I read the book, and I know what happened, so I don't want to see any picture of Crowpaw crying over a bleeding, smiling Feathertail! Don't make it sear into my mind! Also, how the frick is Crowpaw bigger than Feathertail in those weird shipping templates!? HOW!?!? Why is this logic so daft and idiotic!? 18 moons, people! 18 fricking moons! That's like being 12-13 years old and in love with a 30 YEAR OLD! I'm not even kidding! WTF, Feather X Crow shippers!
  9. Petaya again: There’s this dude that comes into my den and asks for lots of nature den items for the pretty bad items they have on trade so I’m like “suuure” and trade them some of the adventure nature items I don’t really care about along with some seasonal items, they decline and tell me to change four items so I do, they decline again and say they want a specific wall plant. I tell them “That’s from cosmo’s adventure.” They say “irdc.” Like WTH dude this is basically free stuff, and I’m doing you a favor right now by even giving you ANYTHING better than what you’re giving me, yet you give me your attitude? Beggars can’t be choosers. I’m like “well sorry I don’t really feel like giving you that because I want to keep it and also you have a huge attitude, too rude to deserve free stuff so bye.”
  10. CatGirl0099: When ppl have moodswings and start acting like jerks and being rude to you thne except you to be nice to them all the time. 
  11. Nerdypiggy: When your friend is so obsessed with Percy Jackson they say "I'm the son of Athena, Apollo, and Artemis." YOU CANT BE A SON OF 3 PEOPLE YOU IDIOT! 
  12. Night: When people argue over who to ship a character with(not related to 8). For example, UsUk and FrUk. Stop arguing over who to ship England with, he can have both of them, it's doesn't matter because they are fictional characters. Just put them in a love triangle or something, or just stop arguing with people on who you ship because you're wasting your time and their time too. 
  13. 2023zhanl38: I absolutely hate it when people assume that all citizens of a country are a certain way just because the government of that country acts that way. I'm American and I want nothing to do with the government but when someone says "America is racist", they mean "The American government is racist", but everyone else assumes that all Americans are racist. This is the same for Muslims and terrorism. Sure, some Muslims might have caused terrorism before, but that doesn't mean all Muslims are terrorists. I also hate it when people think that when a white person does something "unacceptable" to someone of another race and the reason was not because of their race, everyone automatically thinks it's "racist" even when it's not, but when a black person, for example, does something bad to a white person just because they're white, nobody thinks it's racist even though that actually is racism: violence or discrimination against someone because of their race. 
  14. Kevinalv: WHY IS THERE NO PENGUINS IN THE MEMBERSHIP BENEFICTS (In the page where the member animals sitting smiling are), THAT IS RACISM 
  15. Nerdypiggy: When you get paired with a slacker for a partner project. (Slackers are people who don't do any work, and you end up doing it.) 
  16. SusieeOfficialzz: I used to hate a specific page on the Peppa Pig Fanon Wiki because i was smol. Now, im blocked forever on the wiki. Thats why i hate the PPFW.