look, Alvaro, I know you're reading this. Sofia, I know you are as well.

Yes, I am asolerusa. I am the dumb American fan whose fanpage is only a spam account to go inactive soon. I am going to inform you of something. I do not hate Sofia.

And before you slam your computer shut, fuming about how I am a pathetic hypocrite who is only saying this for attention, please listen. Yes, my opinion on Ellar has definitely fluctuated a lot since I have known her. But never have I ever hated her. I know you are both wondering about the unusual words I spat out about her and I will be 100% honest: I do not and will not take it back. Those were my honest feelings then and I am not going to deny it, nor am I going to make any excuses for it, although I am not going to apologize for it either.

However, here is what I am going to apologize for: upsetting you.

I know that when you read the rants I wrote about your relationship, you were not happy. You were offended that I was trying to judge something so personal, something that I hardly even knew about. And, the main points of those rants were:

  1. Just because someone is a fan of Alvaro does not mean they need to be a fan of Sofia, nor should they be forced into it.
  2. The media needs to leave celebrities alone and not try to pry into their private lives.
  3. I want you to be a couple if it is what truly makes you happy; I simply don't want anything bad to happen that may hurt either one of you.

(continued later)

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