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[A Haiku is a Japanese poem with 3 lines; the first one has a total of 5 syllables, then 7, then back to 5.]

Haiku by WildWackySushi Edit

Test Day

Essay; short answers So much to do, lots to write Strain on my brain... AHHHH!!

Haiku by 2023zhanl38 Edit

The World

Completely awesome

The greatest person ever

Alvaro Soler

Haiku by Nerdypiggy Edit

Every Basic Teacher

Don't worry, no homework

If it's not finished, HOMEWORK!

Don't do this to me

Haiku by WildWackySushi Edit

Failures, Unh

Context: The Energy Lights shoes commercial

Unh, energy lights

I'm a boy or girl who wants....

Who wants to light up le night!

Haiku by Serifni Edit

A Cool Haiku

Your mom is very cool

Your mom is awesome and cool

ur mom gay ecks dee

Haiku Haiku - CatGirl0099Edit

Now you will count them

Are there enough syllables?

Good. You can go now.

Haiku by WildWackySushi Edit

Greek Cat

Fat potbelly; wow!

Loving Tiramisu now!!

Why is her name this?

Haiku by WildWackySushi Edit


Wilder, wacky

More brand new; get your toy now!

WildWacky toys for ALL!!

Not a haiku but more of a rap- BootsAndCats Edit


We all loved Jessy,

We thought she was a hit, Normal

But when you think about it,

It's clear she's a piece of [insert rhyme here]

Now it's a Haiku- BootsAndCats Edit


Look at messages.

H-o-l-y f-a-q.

I see a troll there!

Haiku by nerdypiggy Edit


You get a good hit

Oh no! Your partner misses

You get very mad.

Haiku by SerifniEdit

Showering with Beer

I like showering with beer

When I shower with water, I shed a tear

I like gears'

Haiku by Iloveredpanda123 Edit

Troller, bowler

Why do trolls invade wikis?

I dunno, they must be too spoilt.

They belong in the trashbin.

Haiku by Night the cringe Edit

Lmao Mood

Sometimes I just look

At Brown Bess' face and think

"That face is just mood." 

Haiku by Angel the Creative Edit

Roses are scarlet 

Violets are violet 

Me is potato 

Haiku by Neptune Edit

Who Am I?

(I)..dentity troubles

Am I white or Asian, world?

I feel like a fake.

Haiku by Neptune Edit


I bought membership!!

Stupid Neptune, haven't used

I'll be dead again

Haiku by WildWackySushi Edit

Nutella, so yum!!

But.... do I hear a grumble?

ATE.... TOO.... MUCH..... SUGAR.....

Haiku by PlatypusrocksEdit

Five syllables. Great!

Seven syllables. Awesome!

Five syllables. Done!

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