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Warning. This article contains a large amount of cringe. Proceed at your own risk, and keep in mind, you may need a cup of Clorox. Don't worry, we have lots available. Just ask a staff member. If we're not stocked up on Clorox for some reason, raid your local grocery store.

Also known as Peayanut.

Not to be confused with Galaxynut or any other cringy ships.

Petayanut, or Peayanut, is a ship with unknown origins. It was mostly created and coined by BootsAndCats, although evidence that it had been thought of earlier still shows. Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur and Demoncat1100 absolutely hate this ship, and ironically work together to stop it, usually by editing the shippers' message walls (most notably BootsAndCats') and giving them a hard time discouraging the ship. While this was all going on, someone decided to make some ship art of Petayanut and Galaxynut. It went badly... for them.

Later they inexplicably found this page, and yours truly added the hawt middle fingers previously flipped at the innocent child.

Soon enough, innocent child found another ship name for the couple: SaMa. Everyone was not amused.

Later, a Petayanut discord was created because Demoncat1100 asked Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur to make a family discord, and so, Petaya made a “Petayanut Family” discord to piss Demon off.

Link to Petayanut discord: https://discord.gg/3HsR9e4 (only for Petayanut shippers and those involved with the ship)

Gallery (will have pictures soon)