AJ Failure Club Wiki

All my random art in one place.

In sections, the art is sorted from oldest to newest.

I’m not updating this anymore because wikia is hard to upload to but you can see my art here.

future petaya hates most of this lol

Hall Of Fame

No idea what to call this, so that works I guess... Generally art that I’m proud of, mostly more recent art. Doesn’t mean I’m not proud of my older art though!

Realistic Art

For art I’ve made in a realistic style. Or at least tried to make an a realistic style.

Current Art Style

This is for art that’s done in my current art style.

Textured-ish Versions

Older Art Style

This is for art that’s done in my previous art style.

Other Art

This is for art that doesn’t seem fit under the other categories.


This is for art that I barely tried on, but would still consider art. Most of them were used as jokes.

Traditional Art

I don’t try much on traditional art usually, as they’re often just to be traced over digitally, but I do have some.